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D52 Deprag Milling

·Digital and Intelligent Dry Milling Solution

DEPRAG D52 is a dry 5-axis dental milling machine, which can help labs or clinics to complete the processing of zirconia, PMMA and other materials.
The D52 comes standard with a high-power 62mm diameter spindle and is equipped with a water cooling, which not only can quickly and excellently complete the processing of dental materials, but also ensures the stability and durability of the equipment for long-term work to the greatest extent.

D52 Deprag Milling


D52 Deprag Milling
D52 Deprag Milling
D52 Deprag Milling
DryProcessing mode
Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Composite, Soft metal CoCrMillable material
Crown | Bridge, Veneer, Inlay | Onlay, Abutment, Denture, Screw-retained,bridge, Model cast, Occlusal splintApplications
525 × 700 × 800 mmDimension
>0.5 MPaAir supply pressure
>90 L/minAir flow
Structure parameters

AluminiumBasic construction
5Number of axes
+30°~-90°Rotary axis A-axis
360°Rotary axis B-axis
60,000 rpmSpeed
0.01/ 0.005 mmPositioning/Repositioning accuracy
Φ6 mmCollet
Water coolingCollet Method
CEAll models
FCCNorth America model
Scope of delivery
Millbox / Hyperdent / WorkNC availableCAM Software
Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP)Clamps
Block holder for PMMA and Zirconia blocks
D52 Deprag Milling

Holder Types

D52 Deprag Milling

Block holder

6 positions, suitable for
zirconia and PMMA block
18*13*15/20*15*14/20*15*19/40*15*14/40*15*19/55*15.5*19 available

D52 Deprag Milling

Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP)

Suitable for processing φ98mm zirconia discs, resin discs, titanium discs, etc
Enables 5-axis milling up to 90 degrees axis adjustment
Maximum material thickness 35mm