D52 Deprag Milling

·Digital and Intelligent Dry Milling Solution

DEPRAG D52 is a dry 5-axis dental milling machine, which can help labs or clinics to complete the processing of zirconia, PMMA and other materials.
The D52 comes standard with a high-power 62mm diameter spindle and is equipped with a water cooling, which not only can quickly and excellently complete the processing of dental materials, but also ensures the stability and durability of the equipment for long-term work to the greatest extent.

D52 Deprag Milling


D52 Deprag Milling
D52 Deprag Milling
D52 Deprag Milling
Deprag D52
DryProcessing mode
Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Composite, Soft metal CoCrMillable material
Crown | Bridge, Veneer, Inlay | Onlay, Abutment, Denture, Screw-retained,bridge, Model cast, Occlusal splintApplications
525 × 700 × 800 mmDimension
>0.5 MPaAir supply pressure
>90 L/minAir flow
Structure parameters

AluminiumBasic construction
5Number of axes
+30°~-90°Rotary axis A-axis
360°Rotary axis B-axis
60,000 rpmSpeed
0.01/ 0.005 mmPositioning/Repositioning accuracy
Φ6 mmCollet
Water coolingCollet Method
CEAll models
FCCNorth America model
Scope of delivery
Millbox / Hyperdent / WorkNC availableCAM Software
Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP)Clamps
Block holder for PMMA and Zirconia blocks
D52 Deprag Milling

Holder Types

D52 Deprag Milling

Block holder

6 positions, suitable for
zirconia and PMMA block
18*13*15/20*15*14/20*15*19/40*15*14/40*15*19/55*15.5*19 available

D52 Deprag Milling

Half-open blank holder(C-CLAMP)

Suitable for processing φ98mm zirconia discs, resin discs, titanium discs, etc
Enables 5-axis milling up to 90 degrees axis adjustment
Maximum material thickness 35mm