BLZ desktop 3D scanner LS100

BLZ desktop scanner is a fully professional and high-quality scanner with two 1.6-megapixel cameras, it is the fastest color scanner in the market, LS100 is the world’s first scanner without post-processing time, you can get a full-color, full-arch scan in 10 seconds and perform the entire scanning process including the upper jaw, lower jaw and dies in 2 minutes with the highest accuracy of 8 micrometers.
With the possibility of local add-scanning, this scanner scans non-sawn casts, abutments, especially UCLAs, with not need to be scanned separately, as a die with high accuracy.

BLZ desktop 3D scanner LS100
اسکنر سه بعدی رومیزی LS100

High full arch accuracy
The accuracy of LS100 has been tested by ISO12836, which ensure the trusted result for clear aligners

اسکنر سه بعدی رومیزی LS100

Advanced Scanbody Alignment
Specially design scanbody mode for implant cases to ensure high position and direction accuracy

اسکنر سه بعدی رومیزی LS100

All-in-one scan
Highly shorten your scan time by 50%, scan all you need in only 1 step

Technical specifications of the scannerLS-100
camera resolution2*1.6MP
Accuracy8 micron
ProjectorCustomized blue light / Multi-color scanning
scanning timefull arch: 10second
8Units Die: 22 second
All in one: 16 second
triple tray:60 second
FunctionsAll-in-one scan
One click scanning triple tray
Big articulator scan
Detect margin line
True color texture scan
Unsectioned models scan
Side lay for Occlusion scan
outputSTL ; PLY ; OBJ
Compatible with all dental CAD software
interfaceUSB 3.0
power supplyAC110-240V , 50HZ
Free CAD SoftwareExoCad
اسکنر سه بعدی رومیزی LS100

Ture Color Scan

Start the Era of Full True Color Scanning

  • Black markings are clearly visible with no holes
  • Hand write texture for RPD
  • Red mark on die margin
اسکنر سه بعدی لابراتواری LS100
اسکنر سه بعدی رومیزی LS100

No More Waiting

Without the post-processing time, the efficiency has increased 50%

  • It only takes 2 minutes for the whole scanning process
  • Bring the scanning experience to the next level

Clearer Margin

  • The margin is clear and easy to be detected by designing software
  • Greatly maintain all details on the model
اسکنر سه بعدی لابراتواری LS100